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Shares (Savings)

From a single savings account (shares) you automatically become a member of Kingsville Area Educators Federal Credit Union (now Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union) (see Why CCATCU for a list of benefits). And with great interest rates, it is easy to begin with a single savings account and add more. Need special investment accounts--IRA, MoneyMarket, or CDs? We do that, too.

It takes a deposit of $25 to open a Regular Share Account. You must maintain this $25 balance to maintain your membership at the Credit Union. You may deposit to and withdraw funds from this account at any time, as long as a minimum balance of $25 remains in the account. The Credit Union pays monthly dividends. The dividends are paid on the average daily balance for the month. Please review our ability to withdraw funds policy for more details.

Other Savings and Investments

Christmas Club Account - $5 to open
A Christmas Club Account is a special savings account designed to help you save money for Christmas. You can open this account with a deposit of $5. You can only make deposits to this account; no withdrawals are allowed. The Credit Union pays monthly dividends that are declared by the Board of Directors. The dividends are paid on the average daily balance for the month. On or about mid October of each year, the Credit Union will automatically transfer your Christmas Club account balance into your regular share account, less $5 to keep the account open for the next year.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) - starting at $1000
Share Certificates are similar to Certificates of Deposit. Enjoy good dividends in long term savings plans. Ask us about which certificate is right for you.

  • Flexible terms from 6 months to 2 years
  • Fixed rate
  • Interest compounds quarterly
  • Automatically renews at maturity

IRA - $25 to start
Roth Individual Retirement Account - The Roth IRA allows investors to deposit after-tax dollars today, accumulate interest tax-free, and take qualifying withdrawals tax-free. Roth IRA funds may be deposited into the following accounts: Regular Share, High Yield Plateau, or Share Certificate.
Traditional Individual Retirement Account - An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows investors, whether covered by an employer-sponsored pension plan or not, to save money for use in retirement while allowing the savings to grow tax-deferred. Eligibility to make contributions is anyone under age 70 1/2 with earned compensation or anyone who files jointly on the tax return with someone who earns compensation.

Money Market - $2,000 to start
Our Money Market Account rewards you with a competitive rate and compounds interests monthly.